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Thank you for reaching out to Great Start Karate, the best martial arts program designed exclusively for kids. Our passion is inspiring kids to reach their full potential by helping them grow in mind, body, and character. Developing these life skills prior to the teen years is a key developmental period that can lay the foundation for successful habits that last a lifetime. We are excited to introduce your child to the wonderful world of the martial arts.

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Jan Stockton, a 3rd degree black belt, has been a leader in the martial arts for over 35 years. Under her ownership, her first in-person school grew to 1000 youth and adult students, but her first love has always been teaching kids!

Founded in 2021, Great Start Karate is the only online martial arts program that focuses entirely on kids, ages 5 to 11, incorporating all the best of martial arts training in a new and exciting kid-focused environment. Kids are motivated to earn a new life skill stripe each month for their belts by demonstrating the life skill at home, at school, and in their karate classroom. Jan and her dedicated team are passionate about helping kids grow in mind, body, and character. Our goal is to have a positive impact on every child that comes to our class. 

Parents enjoy the convenience of having their kids train at home with no commutes, lower tuitions costs and Covid safety. Great Start Karate’s online program is ideally suited for homeschoolers!



Katie Randol, a 1st degree black belt, first discovered the martial arts 30 years ago, where she excelled in both technique and competition. Katie has won multiple awards competing in tournaments, and is versed in a number of martial arts weapons. Martial arts not only fostered discipline and physical fitness in Katie’s life, but it also reflects her unwavering commitment to personal growth, perseverance, and mastering the mind-body connection.

A mom of two children, Katie has embraced her role as their homeschool educator for 12 years. This decision stems from her belief in the importance of personalized education, while nurturing the unique strengths and interests of the individual child. Katie aims to inspire, motivate, and empower her karate students to unlock their full potential!

Katie’s holds a degree in applied sciences, with a major in Veterinary Technology. Her deep affection for animals has led to a lifelong career in veterinary medicine. As a veterinary triage professional, Katie finds fulfillment in learning and caring about various species of animals while actively supporting pets and their owners.

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