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The Benefit of Karate for Other Sports

The mental discipline, the endurance, the balance and flexibility, and the strength gained from karate training have incredible carryover to ...
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Raising Happy Kids

Childhood is a special time in one’s life. A time of discovery, play, wonder, and amusement at the world as ...
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The Social Aspects of Martial Arts for Kids

The benefits of martial arts for kids include physical, mental, and character lessons that will serve them well at every ...
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What’s the Best Age for Kids to Start Martial Arts Training?

Studying the martial arts is a great way to provide kids with the physical activity and social opportunities they need ...
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Karate or Taekwondo?

When you have decided to start Martial art classes and you have narrowed your choices down to Taekwondo or Karate, ...
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How Karate Can Help Your Kids in School

Most people know that karate requires a lot of discipline. But how does that translate into doing better at school? ...
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Indomitable Spirit and Your Child

In the martial arts, karate kids learn more than the physical skills associated with Karate. Each one of the martial ...
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Discipline, Children and Martial Arts Training

Martial arts classes can do a lot for your child. Children who study the martial arts learn key skills that ...
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How to Deal with School Bullying

School bullying is big trouble and not just a high school problem. Bullying has become a part of primary school ...
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How Martial Arts Classes Can Help Your Child Form the Fitness Habit

Martial arts classes are a popular activity for children because they provide a healthy outlet for kids’ energy as well ...
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Keeping Our Kids Safe

Talk About Strangers Do your kids understand what constitutes a stranger? What would they do if someone they didn’t know ...
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The Five Tenets of Martial Arts and Your Child

You may already know that studying the martial arts is a positive way for children to learn key physical, emotional, ...
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