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Each month, kids are presented with a new Life Skill. We help students learn how to apply these important skills at school, at home and in their karate class. There are 12 skills in total: Focus, Courtesy, Goals, Integrity, Discipline, Teamwork, Fitness, Control, Leadership, Perseverance, Courage, and Respect.

Here’s an example of our printable Life Skill activities






Karate kids learn how to stay safe. They learn self defense techniques that can keep them safe, but kids know that they are only to practice their karate with their parents or adults. They never use martial arts on siblings or friends.


Karate kids learn the value of respect by demonstrating respect to their karate instructors, to their parents and to their school teachers. At home, this means they say, “Yes, mom” or “Yes, dad” when parents ask them to do something.


Karate kids learn that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to with patience, practice and perseverance. They learn that starting something new may be difficult at first, but if they keep trying, they can accomplish their goals.


Karate kids will learn how to focus on a task without getting distracted. They learn how to focus by using their eyes, their ears and their bodies. Focus is a skill we use in every karate class which will help them in school and other sports.


Karate kids learn the value of being honest. We teach the kids that telling the truth isn’t always easy, but it’s always the right thing to do. They learn to be more honest with their parents, their teachers and their friends.


Karate kids learn to have strong self-discipline. Kids learn that self-discipline means doing the things their know they are supposed to do without being asked. They learn to have better control with their words and behavior.


Karate Kids learn that confidence means demonstrating a belief in themselves and their abilities. It’s not bragging or trying to be better than other kids. It’s just being comfortable knowing they are doing the very best that they can.


Karate Kids learn that teamwork means working together fairly with family members and friends. Kids learn to let others have their turn. Learning how to be a team player has a positive impact on how they interact at school and at home.


Karate Kids learn that courtesy means being friendly, generous and considerate of other people. Kids learn it’s important to be kind to other kids at school who may not be their friends. And they learn that kindness means sharing their things.
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