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The Social Aspects of Martial Arts for Kids

The benefits of martial arts for kids include physical, mental, and character lessons that will serve them well at every stage of life. One benefit that is sometimes overlooked is the social aspect of martial arts.

Social interaction might not be the first thing you imagine when you think about the martial arts. Hollywood movies nearly always focus on dramatic fights — but true martial artists know that communication is always preferable to violence. The truth is that taking a martial arts class is a great way for children to make friends and practice their social skills. Let’s talk about why.

The Martial Arts and Courtesy

All martial arts classes teach basic tenets that are meant to guide students regardless of which martial art they choose to study. While some disciplines have more tenets than others, one they all have in common is courtesy.

Courtesy is more than mere politeness. You may have noticed that when you watch martial artists, they always bow to one another before and after class. Students bow to martial arts instructors — and vice versa.

Martial arts classes for kids provide an opportunity for kids to see courtesy and respect in action. While bowing might not be part of your child’s life outside their martial arts class, it illustrates the level of respect that we expect children to show when they’re with us.

We believe that courtesy and kindness pave the way for human connection. It’s a lot easier for kids who study the martial arts to connect with one another because courtesy is the baseline for their interactions.

Martial Arts as a Group Activity

Parents who want to learn about martial arts for kids sometimes assume that because martial artists compete as individuals, it is a solitary pursuit. The reality is that while students are tested on their individual progress, martial arts training in our online classes is very much a communal activity.

A big part of studying the martial arts is learning the art of self-defense. Students learn the history of the martial art they are studying and the theory behind the movements.

We simulate sparring in our virtual classes making it a safe and an effective way for kids to see the benefits of martial arts training. They learn far more by doing than they do by watching. Students in our martial arts classes for kids learn to:

  • Watch fellow students practice
  • Encourage fellow students to persevere in the face of disappointment
  • Work together to master punches, kicks, and other skills
  • Build self-confidence through healthy interactions

One of the biggest benefits of martial arts for kids is that they practice mutual respect and encouragement in class, and that’s something they will take with them to school and beyond.

Will My Child Make Friends in Martial Arts Class?

Making friends is important at every stage of life. One of the biggest benefits of martial arts classes for kids is that they provide an opportunity to socialize and meet new people.

When your child steps into their first online martial arts class for kids, they’ll meet other kids at a similar level of ability. Sometimes, kids struggle finding common ground. Their self-confidence and self-esteem skyrocket when they realize that they already have something in common with every kid in their class. As they reap the other benefits of martial arts, including self-control, physical fitness, and self-discipline, they’ll also be sharing a common experience.

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