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Building Your Child’s Confidence

Self Confidence plays a huge role in a child’s success at school and socially.

Real confidence-building is one of the most important skills you can give your child. Children who are self-confident learn more, achieve more, have more friends and are generally happier than those with low levels of confidence. They feel good about themselves; feel proud of what they achieve; believe in themselves and keep trying until they succeed; are able see their own good qualities, such as being kind or capable and they feel liked, loved, and respected

Low self-esteem and lack of confidence can result in negative experiences. Self-doubt and lack of confidence hold more kids back than any other factor.

Confident kids make friends easily, take learning risks, they are able to distinguish themselves from failure or lack of success; feel confident in their abilities and they aren’t dependent on the approval from anyone.

Building a child’s confidence is complex and can take time to build. It is not just a matter of praising them all the time with positive comments but give them some important life lessons which they can use themselves.

This is where positive thinking comes in. Being confident is a mindset – it is about the way you think. External life events have a part to play, and it is important to know how to condition your mind to always think positively. Having high confidence levels means having positive thoughts and building feelings of confidence and worthiness.

Kids have even more energy to build and enjoy healthy pursuits due to the fact that their energy is not lost on negative thoughts, unfavorable feelings, sensations of inability or striving to look after or please others at the expense of their own self.

We help kids learn skills so they are able to think in ways that that make them feel in control of themselves and learn to understand the world from the perspective of others as well as their own.

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