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Teaching Kids Courtesy

February’s Life Skill is Courtesy
Every month, we focus on a new life skill for kids. This month, students will learn 4 ways they can show courtesy to family and friends. The students will have the following courtesy homework. We will be asking the students during Share Time how they showed courtesy. We will expand on these 4 points all month long.

  1. Be Kind
    Show kindness everywhere you go. Be kind to classmates, peers, and your elders. That includes those who look different than you.  It can be as simple as giving a compliment or smile.
  2. Be Respectful
    Show respect to your classmates, peers, and elders. Even if you disagree with them.  This is one of the most important values to use daily. No one likes to be disrespected.
  3. Be Courteous
    Show courtesy, say things like, “thank you, no thank you, please, sorry, and excuse me.”  They’re simple, but powerful words that make a big difference. Use them often.
  4. Do a Good Deed
    For example, you could offer to help do chores. Or give an unexpected gift to someone (like a nice drawing). There are many ways to help others. Look for ways to do good deeds.
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