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Teaching Kids “Ganbatte!” (Don’t Give Up)

In October, our Life Skill at Great Start Karate is “Perseverance”. We will teach students how to apply, “Ganbatte” into their lives. Ganbatte is a term that we use in karate that means, “Do your best! Don’t Give up!” While the term can also mean “Good Luck,” ganbatte is less about one’s luck and more about defining one’s own destiny. In the kids’ online karate classes, we use the word “Ganbatte” to encourage kids to strive to achieve something they’re doing.

Achievement: We will explain that many achievements and successes in life come when a person chooses not to give up. Giving up too easily can lead to missed opportunities.

Building Skills: We will help kids understand that when they stick with something, even when it’s tough, they are building important skills like problem-solving, determination, and resilience. These skills will be valuable throughout their lives.

Learning from Mistakes: We will share that making mistakes is a normal part of learning and growing. Kids will learn that giving up means they won’t get a chance to improve and succeed. When the students face setbacks, we will encourage them to see these as opportunities to learn and improve.

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